Frequently asked questions

How do I measure my head?

How do I get my sample rings?

Our sample rings are shipped to you the day after we receive your order, the shipment should be with you in 5 working days at the latest.

Can I also have the helmet system installed in my own hat?

Unfortunately no, because our system takes a little space – would make your helmet a little too small.

Return policy

We offer our customers a full right of return should you not like the helmet. However, we do not ask you to order multiple helmets, as each helmet is a handmade unique piece.

For this reason, the customer must pay the flat-rate delivery fee.

How long does it take until delivery

It usually takes about 20 days from the order to the receipt of the goods.


Our helmets are developed according to EN:1384:2017 – but they are not yet certified by TÜV.