Test rings in different shapes and many sizes to determine the perfect fit

New components

Convenient magnetic closure allows the helmet to be opened and closed with one hand.

How it works

Step 1

Measure your head circumference

If you know your head circumference, you can skip this step. We recommend using a thread or tape to measure the circumference of the head and tighten it around the head. Make sure that the thread is not too tight or too loose.

Step 2

Choose your riding helmet in hat look

Visit our shop and choose the western riding helmet that suits you best. Under Size we ask you to select your measured head circumference. If you are unsure about the colour choice, select “standard” and we will supply you with the cord, eyelet and chin strap to match the hat.

Step 3

The detailed measurement

For the detailed measurement of your head, you will receive 9 sample rings from us, each in the selected size, one size smaller and one larger. In addition, the rings have different shapes. Included in this package are instructions on how the measurement with the rings works. Transmit your measurements to:

a little insight

For the love of handicrafts

Each leather element on the hat is a handmade unique piece, made by one of our saddlers in Salzburg. This way of manufacturing was deliberately chosen to give our hats an authentic character. Our goal is not to produce as cheaply as possible, but to offer high quality products and share our passion for riding helmets with the world.

with the help of the latest technology

Our hat-look riding helmets are made using innovative 3D printing technology. This is how we ensure that not only the necessary safety is provided, but also the perfect fit. Thus, we can adapt our hats to different head sizes, but also to head shapes, such as round or oval.

We get support in production from the German-based company Formicum. In the production of our helmet shells, we pay special attention to ensuring that our helmet shells are particularly robust, but also particularly light. Thanks to our technology, HAT-LINE hats protect the head without being an uncomfortable burden when riding. Depending on the hat type, the weight is between 600 and 800 grams.

frequently asked question's

Our riding helmets in hat look have been developed according to the EN 1384:2017 specifications. TÜV testing still open.

Our sample rings will be shipped to you the day after we receive your order, the shipment should be with you in 5 business days at the latest.

Unfortunately no, as our system takes up a little space – your helmet would be a little too small for you.

We offer our customers a full right of return should you not like the helmet. However, we do not ask you to order multiple helmets, as each helmet is a handmade unique piece.

For this reason, the customer must pay the flat-rate delivery fee.

As a rule, it takes about 20 days from the order to the receipt of the goods.