Experience cross country rider: part3

Months later I finally found an American product that came close to my idea (https://resistol.com/pages/resistol-ridesafe). A helmet with an integrated hat. Or the other way around? No matter. Typically, American: large, powerful, almost massive. Really good looking from a distance, perfect for western riders. But if you take a closer look, the black chin suspenders and the wide brim look cheap. The outer protective ring, which leads around the only available hat model, looks very bulky. As a result, the helmet lacks authenticity, which makes western riders particularly outstanding at tournaments. Unfortunately, this product was not a real alternative either.

Images: https://resistol.com/pages/resistol-ridesafe

This helmet with an integrated hat has an outer protective ring, which makes the product appear bulky. The technology used is only applicable to a hat model.

So I had a choice: give up or do it myself. Anyone who knows me knows that I won’t put my head in the sand so quickly. So I got to work myself. I wanted pure authenticity. My idea was to integrate head protection into hiking hats and western hats from well-known hat brands. Together with my partner, a manufacturer from Leipzig, I worked on the concept, design and implementation for many months until after many attempts the first high-quality hat helmets were finally able to be completed. You can read about the challenges to be overcome on this path here. (Product)

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