Experiance trail rider: Part2

Is there an alternative? So I started to looked for an alternative. A bicycle helmet would have been possible – well, if you don’t care about the look, you might be fine with it. For me it was acceptable. So on the riding tour I tried it with a helmet made of polyester, on which you can put a hat. (https://www.hauptner.ch/de/pferdesport/pferd/westernreiten/zubehoer-western/westernhut-kopfschutz) What can I say? It was less than optimal. The helmet did not fit my head properly, nor did it meet the safety standard. It was more than uncomfortable that the attached hat always flew off the helmet when galloping and could not be reasonably fixed even with a band (i.e. without strangling the air at the next gust of wind).

To create authenticity, e.g. when riding a western with a cowboy hat, there are protective helmets which are hidden under an oversized hat. In this variant, the hat is simply slipped over the protective shell without additional attachment.

But the trail riding had grabbed me, and I was not willing to give up the search for a good riding helmet. My demands were not that big: it should be a helmet and hat in one, a good-looking, comfortable headgear with integrated head protection. Can’t be that hard, I thought. And yet my internet research initially did not produce any results.

Image: original from supplyer internet page https://www.hauptner.ch/de/pferdesport/pferd/westernreiten/zubehoer-western/westernhut-kopfschutz

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