Experiences of a rider:

The story behind the hat with integrated helmet – from idea to perception

I am a trail rider. Nowhere else than I am as important and intensely connected to nature as on the back of a horse.

On the other hand: The real luck of the horse is when the rider on ground. That had to be true for my two horses when I had to cancel my tour from Halle / S. to Barcelona after 500 km due to saddle pressure last year (2019). My new hat with integrated head protection, however, passed all challenges with flying colors. This is important because I knew it differently.

In 2017 I discovered hiking riding for the first time, at that time with an organized riding group. The 180 km trail led us across Sicily from the interior to Etna. I remember well: it was April and it was freezing cold. All participants wore their riding helmets properly. At first it just looked funny when a horde of riders with a spherical head crossed the steep slopes. But after a day, the riding helmets also became uncomfortable and extremely impractical. When it rained, the water ran straight down your back, usually a little deeper. The saddle squeaked with moisture. If the sun came out, sunburn was inevitable. A miserable condition for every one of us.

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